2015 and Our Community Promise

Water is clear. And so should be our intentions.

Upper Missouri Waterkeeper is excited to enter 2015 with a number of important clean water campaigns essential to ensuring that, on one hand,  Montana possesses strong clean water protections, and on the other hand, that our decision-makers and agencies use sound science and enforce key clean water protections. We see 2015 as a new beginning for an old way of managing the quality of Montana’s water. With this fresh start, we pledge to be proactive in protecting your right to clean water, to be open and transparent in our work, and to be 100% committed to protecting and improving the health of SW and West-Central Montana’s waterways and communities.

We see 2015’s work plans and the change they represent as good for our water and communities. Montana’s communities, stakeholders, and businesses need to make improvements and upgrades, both in structural systems and in how we operate. Our work this year will focus a great deal on ensuring all players at the table are complying with important regulatory and environmental requirements that protect our waterways, fish, communities, and way of life. And, we look forward to getting communities and stakeholders throughout the 24,000 sq. miles of the Upper Missouri River Basin more involved.

In the coming months we will be engaging environmental agencies and decisionmakers on key pollution issues and important clean water rules, identifying priorities for needed clean water improvement projects, and focusing on how we can better empower local citizens in standing up for their right to clean water. Not only as staff of Upper Missouri Waterkeeper, but as proud citizens of Montana with friends, family, and partner businesses who depend on clean water, the safety, quality, and availability of our water is of paramount importance to us.

Your Executive Director and Waterkeeper,




Guy Alsentzer, Esq.