Last Day to Comment on Beaverhead Hydroelectric Proposal, March 24th

The Beaverhead hydroelectric proposal lacks meaningful consideration of local water pollution events: tell FERC to protect downstream river health

clark canyon dam
Brian Wheeler

There is currently a proposal to turn Clark Canyon Dam, the headwaters of the Beaverhead, into a hydroelectric facility.  The proposal requires a license from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which is soliciting public comment on the proposal until TOMORROW, MARCH 24TH. This may well be our only opportunity to provide any comments to federal administrators on this proposal and unnatural algae and turbidity problems affecting our Beaverhead.

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As you may know, for two consecutive summers the upper Beaverhead River experienced unnatural, severe algal blooms and turbidity events related to, among many things, operation of Clark Canyon Reservoir and long-term sediment and nutrient loading behind the Dam.  Although the proposed hydroelectric project will require use of the Dam, there has been little to no discussion of recent years’ unnatural dam-related pollution events and what steps need to be taken to protect the downstream Beaverhead.  

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Beaverhead River Pollution Event Sept. 2015
Dept. of Env’tl Quality

We hope everyone who cares about the Beaverhead will join us in submitting public comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).  The next few days may well be our only opportunity to provide any comments to federal administrators on this hydroelectric proposal and unnatural algae and turbidity problems impacting the Beaverhead. 

FERC has a legal obligation to consider relevant, local pollution events and, in turn, to use sound science in saying whether the proposed hydroelectric facility will/will not/might contribute to or worsen known water quality and fisheries problems. Likewise, we have an obligation as Montana citizens to provide a strong showing of public interest in a healthy Beaverhead; only by doing so can we ensure FERC considers existing data and science and seizes the key opportunity at-hand to protect the Beaverhead. 

beaverhead algae

Please take a moment today to send FERC a letter, then Sign the Petition!

(1) Submit a Comment to FERC:

  • STEP 1:   Click here to download a draft comment letter outlining the issues FERC needs to consider in its Project reviews. Please consider personalizing your letter.

  • STEP 2:   Click here to go to FERC’s eComment web portal. On the web portal, click the orange comment box; you will be redirected to a second webpage where you’ll need to enter your name and email (you’re not registering for anything…) Once you submit that information FERC will send you a personal link to access the comment system.

  • STEP 3: Open your personalized comment letter from Step One. Copy-Paste your letter into the eComment text box. Read it through one more time for accuracy, then click Submit.

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Last but not least, please consider forwarding this message along to your family, friends, and anyone who is concerned about the health of the Beaverhead.