Public Talking Points – EPA Regulatory Roll-Back Comments

This year, President Trump issued Executive Order 13777 (‘Enforcing the Regulatory Reform Agenda) demanding that for every new regulation proposed, the government must eliminate two existing rules.

On top of trying to remove the regulatory safeguards that industry finds too costly, the Trump administration is also launching an effort to weaken – and in some cases, eliminate entirely – the federal agencies charged with creating these safeguards. Powerful and wealthy corporations and industry trade groups have been flooding the Trump administration with requests to gut critical public health and environmental regulations that industry argues are cutting into their profits or are simply unnecessary. In reality, these requests are nothing more than corporate wish lists that prioritize profits over public safety and clean air, land, and waters.

As part of this bizarre effort, the EPA Office of Water is holding listening sessions to gather public input.

Click here to visit EPA’s “Regulatory Reform” webpage.



Each environmental regulation on the books went through a thorough process of public input and reaction. Indeed, the Clean Water Act – the fundamental law protecting fishable, swimmable, drinkable water – was passed by a bi-partisan vote in the early 1970s after decades of Congress trying unsuccessfully to get the states to clean up pollution in our nation’s waterways.

Now, EPA is soliciting feedback that could result in the repeal of dozens of these safeguards with extremely limited public input. This is a critical moment to raise our voices in support of strong clean water protections!

We strongly encourage you to submit a brief, personalized comment to EPA standing up for strong pollution rules. Your comment doesn’t have to be fancy; below are a few examples of things you can say:

  • Our environmental safeguards are there for a reason: to protect public health and the environment from unnecessary harm. We cannot simply eliminate any one of these safeguards without a thorough public process and scientific review.
  • Choosing to roll-back a regulation based on limited input, and without in-depth scientific support, could result in real danger to the health of our communities and the environment.
  • There is no evidence that EPA’s work has adversely impacted economic competitiveness in the U.S.
  • I am writing because I am concerned that this effort to “reduce, replace, or modify” regulations targets safeguards that impact the profits of companies without fully considering the benefits these safeguards bring to average Americans. The idea that environmental regulations are hurting our country stems from ideology, not fact.
  • I urge EPA to keep its existing rules to ensure that current and future generations of Americans, including me, will be able to enjoy our local waters knowing that they are safe and protected from pollution.

How to Comment:

You may submit comments via email, hardcopy, or through EPA’s online docket.

Comments are due by May 15, 2017!


Click here to view a technical document outlining details of important clean water rules threatened by the EPA roll back push.